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Some Interesting Facts About Local Search…

Where People Search and Why? (Are they looking for you?)

According to Google’s Mobile Search Moments Study… 40% of mobile searches have LOCAL INTENT, 77% of mobile searches occur at home or at work, while 17% take place on the go.

How does your business category stack up?

(Note: Questions related to Searches WITHIN THE PAST WEEK)


Follow Up Action Is Key:

    • Three out of four mobile searches trigger follow-up actions, whether that be further research, a store visit, a phone call, a purchase or word-of-mouth sharing.
    • On average each mobile search triggers almost two follow-up actions.
    • More than half (55%) of conversions from mobile search take place within the hour, while 81% of conversions occur within five hours.
    • 45% of all mobile searches are goal-oriented and conducted to help make a decision.

Top Search Categories & Trends: (Source: Marketing


Want to Learn More?

To follow are detailed insights and data regarding local consumer trends and thinking from Search Engine Land’s Local Consumer Review Survey:

Findings, Charts & Analysis

Q. 1 – From the following list: select the Business Types you have searched for via the Internet in the last 12 months? (select as many as you like)

Local Consumer Review Survet 2012 - Chart 1 - Reputation Matters



Key Findings:

The most searched for type of business was Restaurants / Cafes – 57% (vs. 37% in 2010)

3 other categories also saw significant gains since 2010:

  • Hotels/B&B/Guest house – 35% (vs. 29%)
  • General Shops – 35% (vs. 30%)
  • Clothes Shops – 34% (vs. 31%)
  • Dentists/Doctors – 27% (vs. 21%)

A number of categories saw a fall on 2010 figures:

  • Specialist shops (e.g. bike shops, computer shops)– 11% (vs. 21% in 2010)
  • Hair/Beauty Salon – 9% (vs. 13%)
  • Taxi/Car Hire –  5% (vs. 10%)


Entertainment and leisure businesses remain the most popular types of business to search for online (same as 2010). People use these businesses more frequently than most other businesses – e.g. Tradesmen, doctors – and there is a wealth of rich, useful and fun content available online.

The growth in searches for General Shops & Clothes Shops shows that consumers are focused on essential items vs. non-essential services such as beauty salons, specialist shops (e.g. computer shops) & taxis which have seen a drop on 2010.

Strangely, 5% more consumers searched for gardeners/cleaners which are often services which suffer first in recession times.

Q. 2 – From the following list: which of these businesses types have you read online customer reviews for? (select as many as you like)

Local Consumer Review Survet 2012 - Chart 2a - Reputation Matters


Key Findings:

Up on 2010:

  • Restaurants / Cafes – 46% of consumers read reviews (vs. 31% in 2010)
  • Doctors & Dentists – 21% (vs. 11%)

Down on 2010 –

  • Hotels/B&Bs/Guest Houses – 22% (vs. 26%)
  • Specialist Shops – 9% (vs. 12%)
  • General Shops – 9% (vs. 13%)


Consumption of reviews closely follows search trends and many searchers don’t separate or distinguish between the 2 actions. Google’s increasing inclusion of map results into main search results (i.e. blended results) brings the prominence of online reviews to the fore.

Review consumption is heavily concentrated in a few categories. However, it’s obvious that consumers do use to the internet for finding and researching local businesses at the point at which they need their services.

Having positive reviews & star ratings offers local businesses a great opportunity to standout from their competitors and grab searchers’ attention at this key point in the purchasing cycle.

Q. 3 – For which of these local business types does ‘Reputation’ matter the most when choosing a business? (select maximum 3)

Local Consumer Review Survet 2012 - Chart 3a - Reputation Matters


Key Findings:

  • Restaurants / Cafes – 32% (vs. 26% 2010)
  • Doctors / Dentists – 27% selected (vs. 33%)
  • Tradesmen – 23% (vs. 27% in 2010)


As with 2010, this year’s results show that Reputation is a factor which affects all type of businesses. The increasing prominence and consumption of online reviews makes public reputation  and  Some business types (e.g. Restaurants) have seen an increase in the importance of reputation while others (e.g. Hotels) have seen a decrease.

Across the board, there have been small fluctuations in scores vs. 2010. Some of these changes may be the result of changing consumer spending habits; however with the survey consisting of just 2,812 respondents, we suspect that these marginal changes could be exaggerated by the relatively small sample size.


Q4. – Which of the following ‘Reputation-traits’ is MOST important to you when selecting a local business to use?

Local Consumer Review Survet 2012 - Chart 4a  - Reputation Matters


Key Findings:

  • 64% of consumers stated that ‘Reliability’ is most important trait (vs. 47% in 2010)
  • 44% stated that ‘Good Value’ was important (vs. 35% in 2010)
  • Less consumers are concerned with ‘softer’ traits such as courtesy, friendly service & ‘localness’


In the current economic climate, consumers are feeling the pinch on their finances and so are extremely cost-conscious. When using a local business, they want to know that they’re buying a good, reliable service at a good price. Consumers are prepared to tolerate less personable service if it means they can save a few dollars!

Q. 5 –  How many online reviews & ratings do you need to read before you feel that you can trust that business?

Local Consumer Review Survet 2012 - Chart 5a - Number of Reviews Read


Key Findings:

  • 65% of consumers read between 2-10 reviews (vs. 58% in 2010)
  • Just 7% of consumers read more than 20 reviews (vs. 12% in 2010)


This year’s survey shows a decline in the number of reviews being read by consumers. Consumers are forming opinions faster and trusting reviews more, leading to lower consumption of reviews.

This puts even more emphasis on the Reputation, and current reputation at that. if users are reading less fewer reviews it’s likely that they’ll focus on the most recent reviews for a business. Therefore, it’s important for a local business to generate a steady flow of reviews and to manage their Reputation so that positive reviews outweigh the negative.

Key Takeaways

Having a good Reputation which is publicly-expressed in online customer reviews is valuable for all types of local business.

Entertainment-based businesses attract the most online search activity, but consumers read reviews for all types of local business at the point at which they need those services. Therefore every business can gain from increasing its online presence and generating positive customer reviews.

With consumers reading less reviews, and forming opinions faster, it’s essential that a business manages its Reputation to ensure that it’s both positive and kept current with fresh reviews. In many categories, it doesn’t take many reviews to create standout from competitors and a little effort spent gathering these reviews will bring new customers to your door.

Consumers are looking for businesses which are reliable and offer a good value service. Businesses should emphasize these traits in the content on their sites and in their online profiles/listings.

Opinions expressed in the article are those of the guest author and not necessarily Search Engine Land.

(Author: Myles Anderson, Founder & CEO of